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Demystifying Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity for Disease Intervention Providers

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This event is for people working in Region 1.

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This learning collaborative is intended to increase your confidence and ability to incorporate sexual orientation and gender identity language, creating a safer and more inclusive dialogue with the people you serve.


  • Identify at least two benefits of discussing sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) with those you serve.  
  • Define at least two key terms related to sexual orientation, as well as two key terms related to gender identity.   
  • Apply the concept of intersectionality and introspection to the practice of cultivating empathy.  
  • Formulate at least two questions that support respectful inquiry and a client-centered approach to communication. 

How to enroll

  • Register by selecting the event date you want, generally at the upper right of the page.
  • If the date you prefer is greyed out, the event is full.
  • If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one.
  • Once registered, you will need to read and complete the Participant Expectations activity.
  • After you submit the activity, you can find information on accessing the event by visiting the Event Information page.
  • You will also receive an emailed confirmation with information on accessing the event.
  • Please add this time and date to your calendar.


  • Interactivity is an important part of the event. Please have audio and video capability on your device. We encourage people to communicate verbally or use the chat feature.
  • To engage fully with the learning collaborative (LC) experience, we ask that you stay for the entirety of the LC. Participants who show up later than 15 minutes past start time or otherwise miss more than 15 minutes will be asked to register for another session. 
  • Supervisors, please be aware of staff registrations and allow time for full participation.


Here is the event outline:

Learning Collaborative Event Information

Evaluation and Completion

After the webinar, visit this module to fill out an evaluation and complete the course.


When you have completed the evaluation, you can access the resources.


The following certificates are awarded when the event is completed:

Certificate of Completion
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